Untold Theatre produces dynamic touring productions and workshops, tackling current issues in engaging and relevant ways.

We develop adaptations of Classic Literature, re-imagined to focus on modern parallels and ethical considerations. Our Literature shows can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages! We also devise and perform original Issue-based shows, created with young adults in mind (KS3/S1 and above). These are often based on true stories and can promote healthy discussion on contemporary social choices and challenges.

All our productions can be accompanied by Q&A sessions (all ages) or post-show workshops (ages 12-18) exploring the themes of each show – as well as stagecraft and performance related topics.


Our team of professional Actors and Facilitators travel across the country, performing in theaters, community venues and schools. We use our own theatre-quality sound and lighting wherever we perform,  and many of our shows include exciting digital projections – turning any venue into a theatre space

We’re unique because all our work has a documentary basis. Our shows might start life as a book, or a news article – something of relevance in our world today.

In our Issue-based work, we actively involve young people in the research and development of new shows – often through drama workshops or discussion groups. This process is invaluable as it helps us understand the direct impact of specific issues on the lives of young people. We are then able to ensure that our work is always relevant, easily accessible and constantly evolving – created by those for which it is intended.

In our Classical Literature work, we try to use the existing texts to tell the story from a new angle. This might be exploring a sidelined character, or refocusing the work to explore links to modern life. Find our more about our work.

Mission Statement

  • Devise original productions based on true stories and real life experiences that are appropriate for a variety of audiences, as well as adaptable for use in education
  • Develop re-imagined and accessible classical literature/existing stories for the stage – using original, verbatim material where appropriate and available
  • Actively involve target audiences in the creation process, thereby ensuring that work is relevant and accessible – created by those for whom it is intended
  • Present work which can complement the existing educational curriculum, and promote positive discussion on the social choices and challenges facing young people today
  • Inform, educate and inspire formative change in audiences
  • Call attention to the voices of people who are sometimes overlooked in society, or present stories that are rarely heard, adapting existing texts such as interviews, statistics, articles, and topical poems/prose into a theatrical narrative
  • Present all content in a way that is engaging, dynamic and contextually relevant to life in contemporary Britain
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