Our Classical Adaptations are designed to focus on sidelined characters or contemporary ethical considerations. They are quick moving, bold and make use of exciting multimedia. Our classical shows are accessible and appropriate for ages 12 and upwards, and perform in theatres, community halls, rural venues and places of education.

Our current collection

The Tempest - Social Media Teaser ImageThe Tempest

Once powerful in his own country – then overthrown by his brother Antonio – Prospero finds himself stranded on ‘The Island’, a migrant camp in 2020. Set against a backdrop of mass migration and political corruption, fragments of Verbatim Journalism punctuate Shakespeare’s original scenes.

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Untold Theatre - Beyond Expectations - Press ImageBeyond Expectations

In Great Expectations, we share in the adventures of Pip. The focus of Beyond Expectations is Estella Havisham, a little girl corrupted by her guardian – and raised to be a weapon of revenge.

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Untold Theatre - The Ghosts of Mr Dickens - Blank PosterThe Ghosts of Mr. Dickens

In 1867, Charles Dickens set sail for his second tour of America. The long sea voyage and his failing health conjure up visions from his past. His friends, family – and characters from his stories – all appear to guide (and taunt) him. As reality blurs into fiction, the author is compelled to revisit the sins of his past. But this is no tale of redemption.

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