‘Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.’ Benjamin Disraeli

‘Friend Request’ draws on real life stories of the victims of Cyberbullying and invites audiences to look through the eyes of the victim, the bullies and all those who stood by and let it happen.

cyberbully-textSam is constantly surrounded by people; at home, at school, online. Despite this, a group of school bullies are making sure he has never felt more alone.

Turning to the virtual world in an attempt to escape escalating classroom taunts, Sam soon discovers that the bullies are not so easy to leave behind.

In a world consumed with technology and communication, schoolyard fights are no longer left behind at school. Home is no longer a sanctuary and it becomes impossible for Sam to out-run the bullies. They occupy his school, his house and his computer.

Throughout the show, Sam and a host of other characters grapple with issues of online harassment, personal identity and self-esteem. ‘Friend Request’ is approximately 60 minutes in length, and is accompanied by a 45 minute workshop and follow-up Lesson Plans. Read more about our workshops.

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Show Origins

We pride ourselves on creating theatre for young people, by young people. This show was developed through workshops with students aged 12-18, in collaboration with Flux Liverpool Arts Festival. We were commissioned by the festival to run ‘Cyberbullying Awareness Week’, in which we worked with youth groups across Merseyside to explore the causes and consequences of Cyberbullying. The young people examined real world sources, discussed the issue and developed scenes/short performances. Much of the material in ‘Friend Request’ is a result of the material generated during these workshops. By conducting this kind of research we are able to ensure that our shows are modern, relevant and authentic. Read out more about the development of Friend Request.

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