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The Ghosts of Mr. Dickens

The year is 1867 and Charles Dickens sets sail for America. Figures from his life appear alongside characters from his stories. As reality blurs into fiction, much like Ebeneezer Scrooge, the author is compelled to revisit the sins of his past.

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The Tempest

This adaptation of The Tempest explores the European Migration Crisis. Set against a backdrop of mass migration and political corruption in the near future, fragments of Verbatim Journalism and striking digital projections punctuate Shakespeare’s original scenes.

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Beyond Expectations

In Great Expectations, we share in the adventures of Pip. The focus of Beyond Expectations is Estella Havisham – a little girl corrupted by her guardian and raised to be a weapon of revenge. A Victorian Gothic rags-to-riches tragedy, this adaptation weaves brand new scenes into Dickens’ original tale.

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