We make dynamic Issue-based theatre, bold Classical Adaptations – and sometimes our work can be both! We also run engaging Drama Workshops with young people. Our team of professional Actors and Facilitators travel across the country, performing in theatres, community venues and schools. We use our own theatre-quality sound and lighting wherever we perform,  and many of our shows include exciting digital projections – turning any venue into a theatre space.

Look out for future productions…They are sure to be as powerful as they are wondrous.Everything Theatre

Classical Adaptations

Vivid, memorable dramaRemote Goat

Our Classical Adaptations are punchy, engaging adaptations of classical texts, often focusing on sidelined characters or contemporary ethical considerations. They are designed to appeal to a range of audiences and can be performed in theatres, community venues and even in education.

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Issue-based Theatre

Suitable for all ages – and especially with young adults in mind. For adults, these shows offer an exploration of contemporary social challenges. For young people, our plays are exciting additions to PSHE, RE, Citizenship and other Enrichment subjects. For teachers, our productions/workshops are excellent teaching aids/discussion starters and can count towards teachers’ Continued Professional Development – perfect for a PSHE dropdown day.

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Part of our research process includes workshops with target audiences. These sessions help us understand the perspective of our audiences and the issues that matter to them.

Drama Workshops

Suitable for all young people – regardless of ethnicity, faith, Special Educational Needs or social background. The workshops enhance the experience of our theatre shows, aiding student comprehension and acting as a starting point for further study/discussion. They also promote creativity, confidence and provide students with an introduction to various styles/genres within the Performing Arts. As well as drama activities, a typical workshop might also include:

  • Discussion of the themes/issues explored during the performance, the characters and their journey
  • Investigation into real-world examples of the show’s content, using primary and secondary sources
  • Quizzes, games and interactive activities designed to aid student comprehension
  • Practical advice for dealing with the topics covered and where to go for further information